Weekly Recap #56

Weekly Recap #56


Another busy week! While the centerpiece was our tribute to Ukraine, our daily updates delivered plenty of variety, thanks to a steady diet of creative subscriber requests and contributions from Denkira, dlkool, FakeForger, Joker, and MysteryGuest.

We posted fresh edits of classic scenes from Hunter and American Heiress that have never looked better, a look at the new Lifetime movie Girl in the Shed, Denkira's two-part edit of Caroline Ducey's killer consensual scene from Romance (1999), a fun little promo scene from Super (2010) featuring Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page, and much more.

This week's scenes hail from Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, the USA...and yes, Russia. (Bet you didn't know that Captivity with Elisha Cuthbert was a Russian co-production, did you? Neither did we.)

We also found out what happens when we coincidentally use a 120 BPM stock soundtrack on a recap video that's based around two-second excerpts: it almost looks like we meant to do that. Maybe we will from now on...

Weekly Recap #56

  • Agent Hamilton (2020)
    Episode 01.10
    Katia Winter
  • American Heiress (2007)
    Guerillas in the Mist
    Alicia Leigh Willis
  • American Sicario (2021)
    Margo Quinn
  • Banzai (2001)
    unknown episode
    Sophie Lawrence
  • Breaking Spirits (2016)
    Jaslyn Collis
  • Callous (2011)
    Raquel Merediz
  • Captivity (2007)
    Elisha Cuthbert
  • Carneval - Der Clown bringt den Tod (2018)
    Lisa Maria Potthoff
  • Days of Our Lives (1965)
    December 25, 2020
    Tamara Braun
  • FBI: Most Wanted (2020)
    Christine M. Campbell
  • Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez (2022)
    Lindsay Navarro
  • House of Wax (2005)
    Elisha Cuthbert
  • Hunter (1984)
    The Avenging Angel
    Stepfanie Kramer
  • Hunter (1984)
    Night of the Dragons
    Stepfanie Kramer
  • Hunter (1984)
    The Contract
    Katherine Moffat, Katherine Cannon
  • Last Day of Summer (2009)
    Nikki Reed
  • Manual Para Galanes (2020)
    Episode 02.13
    Altair Jarabo
  • Romance (1999)
    Caroline Ducey
  • Romance (1999)
    Caroline Ducey
  • Super (2010)
    Elliot Page

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