Hogtie Heaven (part 1)

Hogtie Heaven (part 1)

In which a classic bondage position sets up shop in the mainstream.


So we posted a ball gag feature in two parts a few weeks ago, and it got us thinking about other scene elements that were once a rarity in mainstream DiD scenes but now...not so much. Naturally, it didn't take us long to end up here.

Amy Thomson and her harem outfit in It Takes a Thief? Judy Matheson in serious peril in The Professionals? Kim Cattrall in Big Trouble in Little China? All the stuff of legend (even though that last one didn't even last ten seconds). Scenes like that just didn't come around all that often.

Today, though: you can't swing a cat (with nine tails or otherwise) without hitting a fairly solid hogtie scene. We consider this a solid improvement and are here to help celebrate. Here are ten of our favorites. Stay tuned for part 2, a week from tonight!

Hogtie Heaven (part 1)

  • Amateur Night (2016)
    Janet Montgomery
  • As Good as Dead (2010)
    Jess Weixler
  • Ashes to Ashes (2008)
    Over The Hill
    Keeley Hawes
  • Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
    Suzee Pai, Kim Cattrall
  • Criminal Minds (2005)
    Beth Dover, Tammy Minoff, Jenna Gavigan
  • Deathly Compulsion (1999)
    Lina Englund, Andrea Vagn Jensen
  • Family Vanished (2018)
    Elise Luthman, Kelly Packard, Jennifer Taylor, Megan Littler
  • It Takes a Thief (1968)
    A Case of Red Turnips
    Amy Thomson
  • The Professionals (1977)
    Long Shot
    Judy Matheson

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