Weekly Recap #81

Weekly Recap #81


Mexican soap floooood!

Yes, thanks to our friend Joker, this week brought 17 scenes spanning 11 seasons of Como dice el dicho to the site. We'd say a few are just okay, most are pretty good, and there are a handful of legitimate classics.

And in case Mexican soaps just aren't your jam, we posted them up extra-fast and alternated them with a bunch of mostly U.S.-based scenes courtesy of FakeForger. It all added up to the most clips we've posted in a single week since we launched.

(This might be an especially good time for our periodic reminder that we have a hard limit of 20 clips that we can add to these featured playlists, but we actually add more new clips than that to the site itself each week: this week it was 28. If you're a subscriber and want to make sure you never miss a clip, just remember to visit the Browse -> TV Clips -> New and Browse -> Film Clips -> New links at least every so often. We've got an interface tweak in the works that will make this even easier.)

Next week, we'll be back to a truly worldwide mix of scenes, including a German classic from 2002 and one of the most DiD-obsessed mainstream Japanese movies of all time!

Weekly Recap #81

  • A Mother's Revenge (2016)
    Audrey Whitby
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    No por miedo a fallar...
    Jackie Sauza, Adriana Ahumada
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    La venganza no borra la ofensa
    Elisa Vicedo, Michelle Burle
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Amor y odio...
    Daniela Russo
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    El que teme sufrir...
    Ana Valeria Cerecedo, Dayaceli Cervantes
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Vale más ser envidiada...
    Ilse Carreón
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Quien oye y calla, consiente
    Cinthia Aparicio
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Cada hombre cuerdo lleva un loco dentro
    Mónica Sánchez Navarro, Barbie Casillas
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    La desgracia de un loco es dar con otro
    Sharon Gaytán, Sofía Olea Levet
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    El que con lumbre
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Amistad por interés, no dura ni un solo mes
    Arena Ibarra
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Cada loco con
    Morganna Love
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    A padre ahorrador
    Naile López
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    Donde no hay voluntad
    Jessica Roteache
  • Como dice el dicho (2011)
    El Amor Es Como El Fuego, No Es Un Juego
    Alexa Archundia
  • Criminal Minds (2005)
    Taylor Foster
  • Criminal Minds (2005)
    Family Tree
    Bailey Noble
  • Freelancers (2012)
    Anabelle Acosta
  • Infiltrados (2011)
    Episode 01.116
    Majida Issa
  • Jake 2.0 (2003)
    The Tech
    Marina Black

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