Weekly Recap #67

Weekly Recap #67


It's official: we are too hot for YouTube! We've done our level best to conform to their policies, but roughly half of our recap videos have always ended up age-restricted on that platform, and this week they went one step further and made our upload private. We honestly don't know what's so different about this week's installment, we have the sads, and we've appealed their decision...but however it turns out, you'll always be able to see those recaps here, free of charge.

Moving on! There are a few things that I always love to see in a DiD scene: multiple damsels, great gags, and ties that go beyond the ordinary. Thanks to our creative and crafty contributors, I submit that this week's updates score above average in all three categories.

If I had to pick a single favorite, it would be Katarzyna Cynke's scenes in the Polish crime series Oficerowie, which include a frontal hogtie variation toward the end of the episode "Paszport" that I'm pretty sure I've never seen anywhere else. Thanks to Joker for reminding us of this 2006 classic, and to MysteryGuest for a painstaking new edit, complete with freshly-translated English subtitles. (They add a lot!)

But beyond that, there are at least a half dozen clips in this batch that would make it into my personal hall of fame.

Meanwhile, a moment of silence for the end of an era: say goodbye to the collage images that have accompanied our recaps up to now. We're liking the video recaps far more than we ever liked the collages, and we've also concluded that a couple of the most striking individual images from each week's updates will provide a more than adequate replacement for all those little postage stamps. We hope you'll agree!

Weekly Recap #67

  • Amores verdaderos (2012)
    El soborno de Aníbal
    Erika Buenfil
  • Batwoman (2019)
    We're All Mad Here
    Robin Givens, Sara Southey
  • Big Sky (2020)
    A Good Boy
    T.V. Carpio, Madelyn Kientz
  • Carnage Park (2016)
    Ashley Bell
  • Grace (2021)
    Dead Man's Footsteps
    Katie Clarkson-Hill
  • Oficerowie (2006)
    Dzieci i wdowy
    Katarzyna Kwiatkowska
  • Oficerowie (2006)
    Katarzyna Cynke
  • Oficerowie (2006)
    Slowo honoru
    Katarzyna Cynke
  • One False Move (1992)
    Phyllis Sutton, June Jones, Deniese Payne
  • Posledniy yanychar (2014)
    Episode 01.07
    Zoryana Marchenko
  • Posledniy yanychar (2014)
    Episode 01.08
    Zoryana Marchenko
  • Precious Pearl (2013)
    Episode 01.94
    Bianca Bin
  • Precious Pearl (2013)
    Episode 01.155
    Cristiane Amorim
  • Run for Your Lives (2020)
    Episode 01.103
    Flávia Alessandra, Juliana Paiva
  • Run for Your Lives (2020)
    Episode 01.104
    Deborah Secco
  • Simona (2018)
    Episode 01.145
    Ángela Torres
  • Simply María (2015)
    Episode 01.119
    Claudia Alvarez
  • Sledge Hammer! (1986)
    Wild About Hammer
    Anne-Marie Martin
  • The Train: Some Lines Should Never Be Crossed... (2007)
    Geeta Basra
  • Throttle (2005)
    Amy Locane

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