Weekly Recap #63

Weekly Recap #63


23 more brand new edits this week, from nine countries and five contributors. They included our mini-tribute to Victoria Abril, which will be hitting the front page this weekend (and isn't included in the playlist below for that reason).

Meanwhile, if you haven't checked out one of our birthday playlists recently, we highly recommend the one for April 22-26, which features a greater than usual percentage of scenes that we'd consider all-time classics!

As for what's on the way: we noticed that we were accumulating quite a few telenovela scenes from the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world, and while we tend to enjoy those scenes and have never gotten any complaints about them, we do recognize that they're not at the top of everyone's lists. Therefore, we're instituting a new policy of featuring telenovela scenes at most every other day. That will still leave room for up to a dozen of those clips each week—but it will also help to make sure that we're consistently providing the variety you've rightfully come to expect!

And finally: we've been trying to figure out what to do about a particular form of "churn" (in web marketing lingo) in which subscribers keep leaving and coming back throughout the year. While we appreciate your business whenever you're up for it, we'd also like to offer an incentive for sticking around in the long term.

Therefore, it's likely that, in the near future, we'll be adopting the popular approach of increasing the subscription fee for the first month only. The fee for months after the first won't change, and if you're reading this as a current subscriber, none of this will affect you at all. But if you're still considering taking the plunge, now (before this change goes into effect) might be an excellent time to do so!

Weekly Recap #63

  • Bem Me Quer (2020)
    Episode 01.205
    Joana de Verona
  • Bem Me Quer (2020)
    Episode 01.278
    São José Correia, Julie Sergeant
  • Chance (2009)
    Isabella Santodomingo, Maria Alejandra Palacios, Maria Cristina Palacios
  • Chronicle of a Serial Killer (2020)
    Aly Mang
  • Cómplices al rescate (2002)
    Episode 01.31
    Silvia Contreras
  • CSI: Vegas (2021)
    Whitney Ortega
  • Cuna de Lobos (2019)
    Gran Final: Mi pequeño Alejandro
    Paulette Hernandez
  • Dead in the Water (2021)
    Angela Gulner
  • Deception (2018)
    Black Art
    Britne Oldford
  • Double Life (2011)
    Flor secuestrada
    Erika García
  • Fanged Up (2017)
    Danielle Harold
  • Follower (2022)
    Molly Leach
  • Tango Lover (2002)
    Episode 01.99
    Carina Zampini
  • Gabriela giros del destino (2009)
    Episode 01.120
    Carolina Gaitan
  • NCIS (2003)
    First Steps
    Naomi Grace
  • Room 203 (2022)
    Francesca Xuereb
  • Silent Screams (2015)
    Callan Coles
  • Üç Kurus (2021)
    10... 9... 8...
    Asena Girisken

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