Weekly Recap #34

Weekly Recap #34


As promised, this was a big week for U.S.-based film scenes on ScreenTies (though Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Chile, the U.K., and the six countries with a stake in The House That Jack Built also got to join in the fun). Half of the new clips are generous contributions from friends of the site, and all are brand new edits.

We're nearing the end of our latest Lifetime movie binge, though we couldn't wrap it up without a cheerleader-themed triple-feature. (It's dedicated to our own Annie Witchway, who's firmly of the opinion that all cheerleaders need to be gagged, though in this case it was their moms in peril 2/3 of the time. Oh well.) But after a couple last entries this weekend, we'll be moving on to a project that I'm even more excited about: it's time to take a serious spin through Major John's collection.

Plenty of mainstream DiD fans will recall that MJ and his crew were "major" players not too long ago, contributing over 5,000 edits to the community over the years. We sometimes had our disagreements, but I'll be the first to admit that they had a knack for finding terrific scenes from all over the world that nobody else was posting. Now that so many of those classic scenes are available in even better resolution, what better time to give them fresh edits and get them back online where they belong?

I should warn you that it's gonna take us at least a year to do proper justice to MJ's goodies, and that we're gonna go in alphabetical order—so you might have to wait a while for our fresh take on Vampire Cop Ricky, unless of course you want to drop us a line and nudge us along. We're always up for that.

Weekly Recap #34

  • A Date with Danger (2021)
    Ipsita Paul
  • A Predator Returns (2021)
    Hannah Jane McMurray
  • Andover (2017)
    Jennifer Finnigan
  • Burial Ground Massacre (2021)
    Chelsea Vale
  • Burial Ground Massacre (2021)
    Samantha Mazzocco, Chelsea Brennan
  • Burial Ground Massacre (2021)
    Stacia Hitt
  • Dying to be a Cheerleader (2020)
    Dominique Booth
  • Intrusion (2021)
    Freida Pinto
  • Pom Poms and Payback (2021)
    Carrie Schroeder
  • Secrets at the Lake (2019)
    Alexandria DeBerry
  • The House That Jack Built (2018)
    Riley Keough
  • The Influencer (2021)
    Kasia Szarek
  • The Inhabitant (2017)
    María Evoli
  • The Secrets She Keeps (2021)
  • The Secrets She Keeps (2021)
    Emily Miceli
  • The Stranger She Brought Home (2021)
    Lesa Wilson
  • Three Days of a Blind Girl (1993)
    Veronica Yip
  • Unhinged (2017)
    Lorena Andrea
  • Unhinged (2017)
    Lorena Andrea
  • Web of Lies (2018)
    Sarah Fischer

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