Weekly Recap #3

Weekly Recap #3


On a week when we added 29 new clips to the site, fully 18 were part of our largest feature to date: a tribute to writer-director Jon Cohen. But that still left room for other styles and eras, and we aimed for variety. We filled a couple soap requests, and while we were looking at One Life to Live, we decided to toss in a couple bonus scenes from that show which are just plain silly and fun: a dream sequence that's completely over the top, and a consensual bondage game that (of course) everyone thinks is something else.

(By the way, in case anyone is curious about the French dubbing on the scene from The Bold and the Beautiful: we don't care for dubbed audio on general principle, and in most cases, we've chosen to hold back scenes that we haven't yet been able to find in their native languages. But we're willing to make exceptions for requests, and in this case, the French version simply looks better than any other source we could find.)

Moving on, we filled a request in the "couples tied together" category, a mini-theme which you can expect to continue next week. We added a few striking scenes from big action movies spanning the past few years. And we let Molly Ringwald's birthday provide the perfect excuse to post that one scene from Spacehunter that seemed to be on late-night TV every other weekend when we were kids.

We posted a late-breaking edit from the new reboot of The Equalizer, featuring a short appetizer scene followed by a solid main course. (Incidentally, does anyone know the name of the actress in the second scene? We have a couple candidates, but we're not positive and would love to compare notes.) And finally, thanks to Anubis, we're happy to say that our version of Thordis Brandt's legendary scene from Dragnet 1966 has never looked better.

See you next week, as we begin a new commitment to variety: at least one scene from the great Florentina's international collection each and every day.

Weekly Recap #3

  • Dragnet 1966 (1969)
    Thordis Brandt
  • My Father Die (2016)
    Gwenhwyfar Reagan James
  • No Witnesses (2021)
    Taya Calder-Mason
  • One Life to Live (1968)
    September 1990
    Jensen Buchanan
  • One Life to Live (1968)
    February 1, 1996
    Gina Tognoni
  • One Life to Live (1968)
    February 18, 2010
    Melissa Fumero
  • Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983) (1983)
    Molly Ringwald
  • Surrender (1987)
    Sally Field
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (1987)
    November 21, 1996
    Barbara Crampton
  • The Equalizer (2021)
    Shanel Bailey
  • The Perfect One (2018)
    April Billingsley

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