Weekly Recap #2

Weekly Recap #2

The best laid plans...


Well, that was an interesting first full week! We started off with an approximate plan for which updates we were going to post...but then, stuff happened. A new friend on DeviantArt sent us a stack of scenes from his Internet wanderings that were too good to pass up. We got into an exchange with a certain prolific Australian filmmaker who will be getting a front-page feature here shortly. We posted a scene featuring French icon Julie Boulanger, and the consensus over on our DiDVids discussion thread was that we should hurry up already and post the rest of her scenes too. And before we knew it, the schedule looked a bit different—but definitely not in a bad way.

Whether you like classic scenes from the black-and-white era, delicious eighties cheese, intense indie thrillers, Rube Goldberg-style peril from those ever-innovative Turks, recent Hollywood hits, or even late-breaking (if perhaps underwhelming) Canadian scenes featuring scheming cleave-gagged daughters and precocious police dogs, we hope you found a new favorite or two.

One category that didn't get any love from us this week is classic soap action, but we just got a bunch of requests along those lines—so we're about to see what those inevitably low-resolution clips look like when you open your browser window really wide. Speaking of interesting...

Editor's Note: We've just discovered that, for technical reasons, we're currently limited to 20 clips per playlist. We'll be removing a few scenes from these recap playlists for now, but just as a reminder: you can always use the Browse->Film Clips->New and Browse->TV Clips->New menu items to find out what's new in real time.

Weekly Recap #2

  • Avalanche (1994)
    Deanna Milligan
  • Barbarian Queen (1985)
    Lana Clarkson
  • Chronicles of the Sun (2018)
    Julie Boulanger
  • South of Hell (2015)
    Judge and Fury
    Mena Suvari
  • Paradox (2020)
    Elizabeth McLean, Mia Bowd
  • Bozkir (2018)
    Bozkir'da Bir Balina
    Nur Fettahoglu
  • Child's Play (2019)
    Aubrey Plaza
  • Barbarian Queen (1985)
    Lana Clarkson, Dawn Dunlap, Susana Traverso
  • Caged (1950)
    Eleanor Parker
  • Final Move (2013)
    Chelsea Giles, Rosanna Easton
  • Hudson & Rex (2019)
    Endless Summer
    Anwen O'Driscoll
  • Final Move (2013)
    Daniella Serret
  • C.O.D. (1981)
    Corinne Wahl
  • Bosch (2014)
    The Overlook
    Lynn Collins
  • Bloodshot (2020)
    Talulah Riley
  • Batwoman (2019)
    If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You
    Ruby Rose, Christina Wolfe
  • Blind Adventure (1933)
    Helen Mack
  • Lea Parker (2004)
    La fac
    Julie Boulanger

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