Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Recap

A special thanks to everyone who makes this site possible.


Happy Thanksgiving weekend to those who observe. And happy standard weekend to everyone else!

On the ten-month anniversary of ScreenTies, more than a few personal thanks are in order.

Thanks to our associate contributors: MysteryGuest, Denkira, Secret Tunnel Media, blowthelights, and Joker. We always prioritize contributions in our updates, especially when they're this good. But for the first time ever, these five alone could have taken over the entire week (if I hadn't already promised to have Flower and Snake: Zero up by now). I did not see that coming quite this soon.

Thanks to Sam, whose well-chosen edits made up a full 40% of our collection at launch and will continue to help us provide an affirmative answer to "But do you have that scene?" for years to come.

Thanks to Brian at Brian's Page and Anubis at DiDVids for their longtime dedication to delightfully complimentary visions of what a mainstream bondage discussion site should look like. And thanks to Gagster for his careful stewardship of Brian's database, which powers so much of what we do behind the scenes.

Thanks beyond measure to my partner Annie Witchway, who's almost entirely responsible for how good this site looks and feels—and much more besides.

And last but definitely not least: thanks to all of our subscribers for joining us on this ride. You're helping us fund our hosting, pay off our substantial development costs, and preserve our mission to be the best in the world at this mainstream DiD thing we do.

Thanksgiving Recap

  • Bez Tebya (2021)
    Episode 01.15
  • Dark/Web (2019)
    Episode 01.02
    Cassi Thomson
  • Dear Enemy (2008)
    La huida
    Sílvia Valdéz
  • Dear Enemy (2008)
    Sílvia Valdéz
  • Deceived (2016)
    Betsy Landin
  • FBI: Most Wanted (2020) (2020)
    Cadden Jones
  • Games People Play (2019)
    A Wing and a Prayer
    Parker McKenna Posey
  • Hoax (2019)
    Cheryl Texiera
  • La rosa de Guadalupe (2008)
    El amor no se obliga
    Pamela Ruz
  • Prófugas del destino (2010)
    Episode 01.127
    Vanessa Ciangherotti
  • Prófugas del destino (2010)
    Episode 01.128
    Vanessa Ciangherotti
  • Prófugas del destino (2010)
    Episode 01.129
    Vanessa Ciangherotti
  • Taken (2017)
    I Surrender
    Brooklyn Sudano
  • Vskrytiye pokazhet (2019)
    Episode 02.03
    Olga Grishina

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