The Tape Gag Hall of Fame (part 1)

The Tape Gag Hall of Fame (part 1)

Black tape good, duct tape good, Scotch tape...maybe not.


I know, it's almost hard to believe: we've been online for almost three months now, and we're only just now getting around to our first "best x type of gag scenes" feature. What can I say? There's a lot of subjectivity here, plus it's not like we keep a running list in our heads, and the almost 1200 tape gag clips on the site is a lot to sort through!

But when YouTube poster Top10* came along with a list of tape gag scenes that struck us as fairly unimpeachable, we couldn't resist turning it into a playlist (while we go hunting for the ones we don't have yet).

Before anyone, we're not trying to sneak a cleave gag scene by you: that image from Notruf Hafenkante is our hardwired cover image for the clip, but we promise that both types of gag show up in the actual scene. Also note that a few of these scenes run for multiple episodes, so be sure to check the "Related Clips" tab for a continuation. Enjoy.

The Tape Gag Hall of Fame (part 1)

  • Atesböcegi (2017)
    Özüm Çakir
  • Beauty and the Beast (2012)
    Recipe for Disaster
    Elisabeth Röhm
  • Commissario Laurenti (2006)
    Ann-Kathrin Kramer
  • Die Straßen von Berlin (1995)
    Adelheid Kleineidam
  • Fizruk (2014)
    Серия 56
    Anastasiya Panina
  • Friended to Death (2014)
    Sarah Smick
  • I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu (2019)
    Jamie Bernadette, Camille Keaton
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)
    Maribeth Monroe
  • Las Buchonas de Tierra Blanca (2017)
    La carrera
    Thali García, Frances Ondiviela
  • Notruf Hafenkante (2007)
    Große Freiheit
    Leonie Fromme
  • Poderosas (2015)
    Episode 01.238
    Joana Ribeiro, Soraia Chaves, Maria João Luís
  • Plokhoy khoroshiy kop (2016)
    Episode 01.09
    Nataliya Denisenko
  • Revolution (2012)
    The Plague Dogs
    Tracy Spiridakos
  • Ringer (2011)
    Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna
    Tara Summers
  • Solo per amore (2015)
    Episode 01.05
    Laura Adriani
  • The Devil's Candy (2015)
    Kiara Glasco

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