ScreenTies Turns One

ScreenTies Turns One

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.


One year ago today, we pressed the button and launched an odd site into an even odder world. Yes.

Since last January 28, we've added over 1,200 brand new, exclusive edits. We survived the hardware mini-meltdown. Old friends joined us, and new contributors blew us away with their ability to root out great scenes and do them editing justice.

Thanks to the hundreds of subscribers who have helped to bring us this far.

A huge personal thanks to Annie Witchway, without whom this site might not even exist—much less look as half good as it does.

This week's recap playlist is a bit shorter than usual, because we spent about a third of our updates on Secret Tunnel Media's impressive La Querida del Centauro feature. But we still found room for plenty of other scenes from around the world, in case you want to see what Ecuador, Egypt, and Slovakia have been up to. (Personally, I think you do.)

Weekly Recap #51

  • Born for Hell (1976)
    Debra Berger, Eva Mattes, Andrée Pelletier
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018)
    Chapter Twenty-Five: The Devil Within
    Adeline Rudolph
  • Cuatro Cuartos (2017)
    Episode 02.39
    María Emilia Cevallos
  • Harrow (2018)
    Pater Familias
    Ella Newton
  • Il restauratore (2012)
    Il prezzo della verità
    Anna Safroncik
  • Inspektor Max (2018)
    Hra o zivot
    Irena Máchová
  • La Doña (2016)
    Felipe es acallado
    Barbara Mendez
  • La Doña (2016)
    Dinero sucio
    Andrea Martí
  • La Doña (2016)
    Seducción infalible
    Andrea Martí
  • La Doña (2016)
    Mentes perversas
    Andrea Martí
  • La Doña (2016)
    No toquen a Regina
    Andrea Martí
  • My Destiny, Your Destiny (2021)
    Forget my soul and you
    Mirhan Hussein
  • Peacemaker (2022)
    Best Friends, For Never
    Alison Araya
  • That Girl (1966)
    Don't Just Do Something, Stand There
    Marlo Thomas
  • Zephyr Springs (2013)
    Amy Pietz, Tracey Fairaway

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