Deadly Deadliness!

Deadly Deadliness!

It may be a title cliché, but it's given us a ton of good scenes.
Can you guess the "deadliest" decade?


So there we were, making an edit of Deadly Mile High Club, the recent Lifetime movie which—while its bondage content may be nothing spectacular—knows very well that it's a Lifetime movie, and which we found quite entertaining as a result. That started us reflecting anew on the sheer number of DiD-friendly movies over the years that have used the "Deadly (x)" title trope.

Given the overall quality of those scenes, we decided that it would be only fitting to assemble as many of them as possible in one place. We're still working on a few, but here are 16 solid clips (many with brand new edits) from 14 of the "Deadliest" theatrical and TV movies to get the ball rolling. (We've included Deathly Compulsion as well, both because the scene is amazing and because one of its alternate titles is Deadly Drift.)

In case you were wondering, while "Deadly" may be a common "first significant word" for the movie titles listed in Brian's database, five others are more common: "Black," "Last," "Die," "I," and "Blood." Still, we're pretty sure that none of those sets of scenes could quite stack up to the "Deadlies" in a fight to the, death.

And if you guessed that the nineties were the "deadliest" decade, you're absolutely correct: fully 15 out of 41 titles that met our criteria are from that decade. But the 2010s were second with 10, and the 2020s have given us at least three already. Are we looking at a new "deadly" renaissance? Only time will tell!

Deadly Deadliness!

  • Deadly Discovery (1992)
    Kerol Rae
  • Deadly Embrace (1989)
    Linnea Quigley
  • Deadly Hero (1975)
    Diahn Williams
  • Deadly Hero (1975)
    Diahn Williams
  • Deadly Intent (1988)
    Lisa Eilbacher
  • Deadly Intruder (1985)
    Molly Cheek
  • Deadly Lessons (1983)
    Ally Sheedy, Diane Franklin
  • Deadly Mile High Club (2020)
    Anna Marie Dobbins
  • Deadly Past (1995)
    Dedee Pfeiffer
  • Deadly Revenge (2013)
    Alicia Ziegler
  • Deadly Swarm (2003)
    Kaarina Aufranc
  • A Deadly Vision (1997)
    Kristin Davis
  • Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. (2014)
    Megan Maczko
  • Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. (2014)
    Megan Maczko
  • Deadly Weekend (2014)
    Aila Rose, Sara Jean Underwood
  • Deathly Compulsion (1999)
    Lina Englund, Andrea Vagn Jensen

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