A Celebration of Lifetime

A Celebration of Lifetime

After three decades of Lifetime originals, we know
just what to expect...and we're not complaining.


Ahhh, Lifetime. If you're a fan of original bondage-friendly storylines on basic cable, you already know that no U.S. network has been kinder to DiD fans over the years than the Lifetime and Lifetime Movie networks. Sure, we've been known to subject the plotlines (and more) of these movies to some gentle mockery—because how could we not?—but it's all in good fun.

And after all, even the writers and directors often seem to be in on the joke these days, with movies like the recent "Deadly Mile High Club" giving us delightfully ludicrous scenes like a villainous couple having rapturous sex on top of the crate in which their hapless victim is bound and gagged while the autopilot flies the plane.

That $3.99 a month that the Lifetime Movie Club is asking? With well over 50 DiD-friendly movies on offer at any given moment, it's a steal, folks.

Anyway, especially since we don't categorize (TV) movies by network—only series—we figured that a playlist featuring some of our all-time favorite Lifetime movies was long overdue. While putting it together, we discovered that we're currently hosting clips from at least 61 relevant titles, almost all of them in HD. This playlist features some of the most famous scenes but is only the tip of the iceberg, so you can probably expect a sequel at some point. We've also identified some additional classics that we'll do our best to post in the coming weeks. Got a favorite that we're missing? Let us know!

"But how do you define a Lifetime movie?" We're glad you asked. While there are some gray areas here, we've chosen to go with a broad definition which includes any made-for-TV movie that was produced, distributed, originally released, or promoted (with branding) by Lifetime. Basically, if it quacks like a Lifetime movie, it's a Lifetime movie.

Here's our (mostly) complete list of Lifetime offerings at the moment, with boldface titles included in the playlist. More to come.

A Bride's Revenge
A Fatal Obsession
A Mother's Greatest Fear
A Night to Regret
A Woman Betrayed
Baby Obsession
Bad Blood
Cleveland Abduction

Dangerous Lessons
Daughter for Sale
Deadly Assistant
Deadly Mile High Club
Deadly Revenge
Demons from Her Past
Escaping Dad
Family Vanished
Fatal Defense
Fatal Lessons: The Good Teacher
Girl Followed

Girl in the Box
Girlfriend Killer
Happy Face Killer
His Deadly Affair
His Double Life
His Perfect Obsession
I Know Where Lizzie Is
Killer Ending
Killer Photo
Left for Dead
Lethal Seduction
Live Once, Die Twice
My Husband's Secret Wife
My Nightmare Landlord
Pregnant at 17
Presumed Dead in Paradise
Psycho Prom Queen
Revenge for Daddy
Special Delivery
Stage Fright
Stalked By My Doctor
Stolen Daughter
Stolen from the Suburbs
Stressed to Death
Sugar Daddies
Tempting Fate
The Art of Murder
The Cheerleader Murders
The Craigslist Killer
The Rival
The Wrong Babysitter
The Wrong Girl
The Wrong House
The Wrong Mr. Right
The Wrong Son
The Wrong Student
Ties That Bind
Truth & Lies
Unwritten Obsession
Web Cam Girls

A Celebration of Lifetime

  • A Mother's Greatest Fear (2018)
    Lily Delamere
  • A Night to Regret (2018)
    Mollee Gray, Gigi Zumbado
  • A Night to Regret (2018)
    Mollee Gray, Gigi Zumbado
  • Bad Blood (2015)
    Jessica Gardner, Taylor Cole
  • Bad Blood (2015)
    Carly Chaikin, Taylor Cole
  • Caught (2015)
    Stefanie Scott
  • Caught (2015)
    Stefanie Scott
  • Cleveland Abduction (2015)
    Taryn Manning
  • Cleveland Abduction (2015)
    Taryn Manning
  • Family Vanished (2018)
    Elise Luthman, Kelly Packard, Jennifer Taylor, Megan Littler
  • Family Vanished (2018)
    Elise Luthman, Kelly Packard, Jennifer Taylor, Megan Littler
  • His Deadly Affair (2019)
    Danielle C. Ryan
  • His Deadly Affair (2019)
    Danielle C. Ryan
  • Live Once, Die Twice (2006)
    Kellie Martin, Cindy Sampson
  • Stressed to Death (2019)
    Gina Holden, Taylor Blackwell
  • Stressed to Death (2019)
    Gina Holden, Taylor Blackwell
  • Web Cam Girls (2017)
    Kelsey Graham, Lauren Swickard, Sedona Legge
  • Web Cam Girls (2017)
    Lauren Swickard, Sedona Legge

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