The Best of 2022: TV Series (part 2)

The Best of 2022: TV Series (part 2)

Celebrating our second anniversary with the final installment of
our tribute to the year's best mainstream DiD scenes.


Wait, we've actually been online for two full years? Time really does fly when you're having fun. As always, Annie Witchway and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our visitors, subscribers, and contributors. We've got plenty more in the works, and if you haven't yet sprung for a free trial, we hope this will be the year when we convince you that we're indispensable for any self-respecting mainstream DiD fan!

Our latest site enhancement is (appropriately enough) the "Enhanced" label. You'll see this new purple label on deserving clips whose resolution has been improved using the latest AI technology. Ace contributors MysteryGuest and Damselwatch have led the charge in this area, and we'd have to say that it's the best these scenes have ever looked. We've also added direct links in the Browse menu so that you can see all of our Enhanced clips in one place—plus all of our Behind the Scenes clips, Deleted Scenes, and "Deputzed" edits.

But now, on with the final installment of our awards for the most noteworthy scenes of 2022. This time around, we're focusing on TV scenes from the second part of the alphabet. And if you missed them the first time, check out our tributes to feature films and TV series (part 1). Enjoy!

The Best of 2022: TV Series (part 2)

  • From (2022)
    Book 74
    Avery Konrad
  • Grace (2021)
    Dead Man's Footsteps
    Katie Clarkson-Hill
  • Helsinki-syndrooma (2022)
    Tuesday Evening
    Tuulia Eloranta, Laura Malmivaara
  • Kara Tahta (2022)
    Episode 01.18
    Ipek Özagan
  • La Herencia (2022)
    Que comience la fiesta en Santa Catalina
    Michelle Renaud, Paulina Matos
  • Les combattantes (2022)
    Episode 01.07
    Camille Lou
  • Little Women (2022)
    Episode 01.11
    Nam Ji-Hyun
  • Love Logic Revenge (2021)
    I'm Thinking About You
    Burcu Özberk
  • Mi fortuna es amarte (2021)
    C81: Su marido es un criminal
    Denia Agalianou
  • Mordsschwestern; Verbrechen ist Familiensache (2022)
    Schwarzer Fisch
    Caroline Hanke
  • Muttertag: Ein Taunuskrimi (2022)
    Episode 01.02
    Daniela Holtz, Camille Dombrowsky
  • Nochnoy rezhim (2022)
    Серия 10
    Ekaterina Shumakova
  • Solo für Weiss (2016)
    Leslie Malton
  • Son Nefesime Kadar (2022)
    Episode 01.01
    Ipek Filiz Yazici
  • Stranger Things (2016)
    Chapter Nine: The Piggyback
    Maya Hawke, Natalia Dyer, Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink
  • Tatort (1970)
    Das Verhör
    Katrin Röver
  • The Boarding School: Las Cumbres (2021)
    Episode 02.08
    Paula del Río
  • The Cleaning Lady (2022)
    Truth or Consequences
    Chelsea Frei
  • (2022)
    The Confession
    Valeria Emiliani
  • Urban Legend (2022)
    The Red Room
    Brooklyn Dakota Olinyk

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