The Truth of Lie

The Truth of Lie

Roland Reber's Die Wahrheit der Lüge (2011) is one of those arthouse German films that really goes for it.


We figured it was worth calling a bit of special attention to today's three-part update, suggested by our friend Hutrin. It's described pretty well by IMDb writer Julian Reischl:

Two women are held hostage in a deep basement of an abandoned industrial site. They're chained to the wall, sharing a moldy mattress, some food and a bucket. From time to time their captor drops by in order to torture them, to drive them to the point of breaking. Unfortunately, early into the kidnapping, the captor has made a mistake by letting them know when exactly he is going to release them. On one hand, this gives hope to the women, on the other hand this creates the necessity for maximum cruelty on the captor's side as he wants to break them for that little project of his. The whole situation threatens to escalate when the captor's partner in crime suddenly shows up and makes new demands.

Marina Anna Eich plays "the brave one," Julia Jaschke plays "the hesitant one," and Antje Mönning turns up as the "partner in crime" publisher. (Those wishing to see her doing the dominatrix thing in some serious leather should head straight for the third clip below, while the first two clips focus on the male-dom aspects of the storyline.)

There's more going on here than we could fit in the clips, but we did our best to present the highlights. Be aware that, although there's no gore in the film and most of the torture is of the psychological and "stress position" variety, there are a few especially intense moments including suffocation and the like.

Our current edit is from DVD (which to the best of our knowledge is only available for Region 2), but the film is also available on region-free Blu-Ray.

The Truth of Lie

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